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Many players look for 12bet live chat or other ways to contact technical support to solve their problems and questions. As with other reputable companies in the online betting world, 12bet offers live chat support for all their customers. In this article, we will show you how you can reach technical support quickly and for free.

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Live Chat Support

First of all, players from India can go online to chat with the experts to resolve their questions. 

There are two sections on the 12Bet website homepage that can be used to send a message to tech support. These are the sections:

  • Contact Us. A one-way messaging system where a customer asks a question and waits for an answer.
  • Live Chat. Chat is more like a helpline and is the most preferred way of communication because here you can solve your question almost instantly.

You don’t need to call toll numbers, because you can quickly ask a question in your language online. 

There are many technical support specialists, so they are always in touch and work without weekends and breaks. You can ask questions related to bets on the site, the range of games in the online casino, as well as ask questions about the mobile app or how to get a bonus. 

Many players have already tried this feature, and they say it is very convenient, as you can literally chat with technical support while playing online. 

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Customer Care Number

There is no 12bet contact number at the moment since there are easier and quicker ways to contact support such as email or live chat. 

By the way, you can email [email protected] with all your questions, especially when you need to tell more about a problem or if you want to attach additional files to the letter. 

You don’t need a 12bet customer care number to get help quickly, that’s why this service was canceled. Take advantage of the other features on the 12bet website

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WhatsApp Number

Even though there is no contact number for phone calls on this platform, you can still contact technical support using the 12bet WhatsApp number. To do this, send your request to +60146938711. 

Communicating via WhatsApp is as convenient as chatting online on the website. Here you will always find an active online technical support person who will show the utmost care and respect for you while communicating!

You’ll get help from the first available specialist. Please, state your question clearly and in detail before you start communicating, so that you can get help as quickly as possible. For example, you can find out how to place bets on sports on the site or play in the LIVE casino at 12bet. They will also tell you which popular slots are available and help you choose the best game according to your preferences. In this case, you do not need to call on the phone, as the employee will answer you online. 

Chats on WhatsApp or on the website are a great alternative to talking on the phone because it is absolutely free (the mobile operator does not charge for chatting on the messenger). Among all the services it is the most convenient way to contact bookmakers  that operate in different countries around the world. 

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