Responsible Gambling

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The 12bet platform promotes only responsible gambling. A lot of people like this kind of entertainment, but some users may sometimes lose control over the time they spend playing games. This can have serious consequences, and affect players’ lives and financial condition. The company is trying to prevent this.

Gambling becomes problematic when it begins to affect other aspects of a person’s life. The signs and symptoms include a growing obsession with gambling, increased wagers on large amounts of money, anxiety when trying to quit smoking, chasing losses, and loss of control manifested by continuing to gamble despite increasingly serious consequences.

12bet tries very hard to avoid such problems or to find an approach to cure them. For this reason, some rules apply to the site.

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Limiting minors’ access

It is believed that when registering on the platform, users confirm the fact that they are over 21 years old. If this information is a fraud, then the account will not be allowed to be used and deleted.

The Company has no right to allow minors to use the services of the site. The entire advertising newsletter is aimed only at persons over 21 years of age.

In addition to the company’s activities, user participation is also necessary to avoid problems:

  • Children should be protected and gambling sites should be blocked by the software;
  • If a website is open on the computer, do not leave it unattended;
  • Do not give minors your bank card information;
  • Please contact us immediately if you suspect someone under the age of 21 (or the legal age in their jurisdiction) is registered with us.

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Сontrol of compulsive gaming

Players who are subject to compulsive gambling do not benefit the company. Such people become a problem for their families and friends. The company’s goal is to create a safe atmosphere on the site.

The site has a system for tracking the actions of players. This is necessary for the implementation of internal control measures.

You should keep the following in mind to help you maintain control over yourself:

  • It is important not to consider gambling a permanent way of earning money;
  • Don’t let big losses deter you;
  • You should only play what you can afford to lose;
  • Keeping track of time and money is always a good idea;
  • Whenever you feel the need to take a break from gambling, feel free to cancel your account.

As part of its commitment to helping clients play responsibly, 12bet cooperates with institutions working to reduce the social effects of gambling.

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Blocking access to gambling sites

In the event that it seems to you that you are faced with compulsive gambling, you should consider blocking sites with games from your device. This can be done using the appropriate GamBlock software.

One year’s license for this service costs $90.

Answer these short questions for yourself to set your own suitable limits:

  • Before you start gambling, identify for yourself what amount of money is an acceptable loss for you;
  • Pay attention to how often you gamble;
  • Pay attention to how long you play during each game session.

Calculate the amount you would like to spend based on the answers you provided.

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