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At 12Bet, kabaddi betting online is available to all registered players! Kabaddi is very popular in India and Bangladesh. It is the official game in Indian states like Karnataka, Punjab and other regions of the country.

Kabaddi is a contact sport where two teams of 7 players each compete with each other. The teams play on different sides of the field or court, with the main goal of the game being to move to the other team’s side of the field and tag as many players as possible. Tagged players are eliminated, but they can be returned to the field if the team makes a tackle. 

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Review of Kabaddi Tournaments, Leagues and Offers at 12Bet

Pro Kabaddi League and Super Kabaddi are the most popular kabaddi leagues in India and Pakistan on which you can bet online. Other popular kabaddi competitions are:

  • Kabaddi World Cup;
  • Kabaddi Masters;
  • Kabaddi Asia Cup.

These matches are arranged by the International Kabaddi Federation.

At 12Bet, you can place bets with the best odds on all the most popular matches in this discipline. And you have access to an excellent platform for betting in real time. With unique features like real time stats, fast match updates, changing odds, and LIVE betting, 12Bet’s platform is perfect for all types of players.

Below we have listed the most popular kabaddi betting markets. Remember, it’s best to start with the easiest bets if you’re still new to the world of betting. Once you learn more about the sport and get some helpful tips on kabaddi betting, you can try more complex markets as well as live kabaddi betting.

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Match Winner

This is one of the easiest types on kabaddi. You bet on any team to win the match or to end the game in a draw. Usually the home team holds number 1, the visiting team has number 2. The draw score is marked by the X sign. Before you bet on this market, we suggest you study the team statistics on the 12Bet website. This will give you a better idea of which team is considered the best.

Yellow Star

The best raider

In kabaddi, the attacking team sends a raider player, who has to touch his opponents on their side of the field, and then return to his half of the field without a tackle. Suppose you decide to place a bet on such a player in a Pro Kabaddi League match. In this case, it is wise to stick with proven players (i.e., top raiders) such as Rahul Choudhary, Pardeep Narwal, Anup Kumar or Deepak Huda. Although these bets have very high odds, it’s not difficult to place a winning bet here. You can also bet on lesser-known player-raisers who have potential. If you make this decision, the degree of volatility of the bet will greatly increase.

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Number of points

A team can score points by successfully defending against the Raiders. Also, as with Top Raider betting, you should definitely consider which defenders are in the best shape right now. Suppose you decide to place a new bet on a Pro Kabaddi League match. Look out for proven players like Manjit Chhillar, Ravinder Pahal, Surjit Singh and Fazel Atrachali, who are among the top 10 PKL players of all seasons.

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15 points in the first half

Kabaddi is a performance sport. However, if both teams defend well and have the best players up for grabs, it can end up being a fierce fight. These bets are usually only available for Pro Kabaddi League matches.
You simply have to predict whether a team can score 15 points in the first half. However, do not confuse a “simple” bet with an “easy” bet, as this market is better left to more advanced players who know the ins and outs of the different teams’ stats.

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Absolute Winner

These bets usually become the most popular bets before the start of the Pro Kabaddi league season. Here you have to predict exactly which team will be the champion at the end of a particular tournament – like the Pro Kabaddi League or the Kabaddi World Cup. Almost all kabaddi betting sites should have this market; at least for the aforementioned Pro Kabaddi League and Kabaddi World Cup.

How to Bet on Kabaddi in 12Bet

Next we will tell you how to bet on kabaddi on the site 12Bet. Follow the simple steps:

  1. Go to 12Bet and login to your gaming profile;
  2. Go to Sports and open the Kabaddi category;
  3. Select the desired tournament or league and find the suitable match in the center of the page;
  4. Add the outcome of the event with the odds to your betting slip. You can add more than one outcome if you want to create an express bet;
  5. Indicate the total amount of bets in the slip and click on “Place bets”.

If you have enough money in your account, the bet will be instantly registered on this platform. You will receive your winnings as soon as all the outcomes of the selected events are completed. 

Remember that there are many more great offers for you at 12Bet! You can also play online casino and run other gambling games!

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